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1. What's available for rent now?
To learn about what is available now or upcoming availability, please call our office at (847) 328 3330 or email farnsworthhill@gmail.com with a description of what you're interested in and your preferred location.

2. Who needs to apply and be on the lease?
Anyone over 18 that will be living in the unit must submit an application, undergo a credit report, be named on the lease and pay a $50 credit check fee.

3. Why do you do credit and criminal background checks?
We do credit checks to protect our property owners and also to insure that someone will be able to pay their rent. We do criminal background checks to protect our tenants, our employees and your neighbors.

4. What if my credit isn't good enough or I don't have a credit history?
In some cases, a guarantor with good credit for the apartment can be added to the lease if someone has a weak credit history. This person will then also be liable for rent payment.

5. Why might my application be denied?
If a credit report shows a significant history of nonpayment or evictions, the application will be rejected. If an application/ criminal background report shows a history of activity that could endanger the well being of our employees or tenants, it will be rejected. Any negative information from references will result in an application being denied. Any false information will result in an application being denied.

6. How do I apply for an apartment?
To apply for an apartment, anyone over 18 that will be living in the unit must fill out an application and pay the $50 credit check fee. You can pick up an application from our office, or download it from the Documents section of our website. The application can either be mailed, faxed or emailed to farnsworthhill@gmail.com. The $50 credit check fee must be mailed or delivered. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR AN APPLICATION FEE, A SECURITY DEPOSIT OR RENT.

7. How much is your application fee?
All applications must be accompanied by a $50 fee for each adult over the age of 18 who will reside in the apartment. The application fee may be aid by check made out to Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. Money orders are also accepted. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR AN APPLICATION FEE, A SECURITY DEPOSIT OR RENT.

We also require an earnest money deposit to hold an apartment, this amount varies by size of apartment. This money will go toward your security deposit and is nonrefundable unless your application is rejected.

8. How much is your deposit?
When signing a lease you must also include a security deposit which is equal to either 1 or 1.5 month's rent, depending on the building. This deposit will be refunded to you , plus interest, after you move out if the apartment is returned to us in same condition as when you took occupancy and does not require extra-ordinary work to bring the apartment up to acceptable condition for the next tenant.

9. What is the lease term?
Our leases are one year. If you require other arrangements, please contact our office either by phone at (847)-328-3330 or email at farnsworthhill@gmail.com.

10. Which parts of the lease do I sign?
On the lease, look for areas that say “Lessee” and sign those spaces on page 5 of the lease and page 2 of the rider.

11. Do you allow pets?
A few of our buildings are cat and/ or dog friendly. Please ask for any current available pet friendly listings. Otherwise, only service animals and small animals such as fish and hamsters are allowed.

Also see Moving In/ Moving Out

1. Who should I call to schedule my move in?
Call your building's janitor to schedule your move in 1-2 weeks before your move in date. If you need their number, please call our office or email farnsworthhill@gmail.com. Your lease must be signed and both your security deposit and your first months rent must be paid BEFORE you move in.

2. What time can I move in?
Out of consideration for your new neighbors, we ask that you please move in during daylight hours, preferably before 6pm.

3. Can I move in a few days early?
In most cases, work will need to be done on the apartment before it is ready for your move in. For more information on this, please call our office or email farnsworthhill@gmail.com.

4. How do I set up utilities/ what's included?
This will vary by building. Please ask your Farnsworth-Hill, Inc.Contact or the building janitor before your move in. Please see our [Local Utility Info] section for more information on this.

5. Can I paint my apartment myself?
No. In some cases, you can hire someone through Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. to paint your apartment an approved color. If you do paint your apartment without approval, you may be charged for painting it back upon your move out.

6. What do I do with my garbage?
Please ask you Janitor or our office if you are unsure about what to do with your garbage. Many of our buildings do offer recycling programs as well, and those receptacles should be near the garbage bins, dumpsters .

1. When is rent due?
Rent for the month is due every month by the 1st. For example, October rent is due on October 1st.

2. What happens if I'm late?
If your rent is received after the 5th of each month, it will be considered late and a late fee will be assessed. The specific late fee for your building is listed in your lease.

3. Who do I make my rent check out to?
Look in your lease and there should be a section labeled “Lessor”. Generally, this will be who you make your check out to. Making your check out to your building address is also okay. Making the check out to Farnsworth-Hill, Inc., is not acceptable and may result in a delay in processing and possibly a late fee.

4. What information should be included on my check?
Make sure your check includes your name, address and unit # (putting this in the memo section is fine) and the current date. Post dated checks will not be accepted. Once we receive a check, we consider the funds available for deposit.

5. Have you deposited my check yet/ when will that happen?
We make deposits daily. If the bank happens to be closed, you may see that your check has not been deposited when you look at your online banking statement. If 10 days or more have passed and your check has still not been deposited, please contact our office.

6. What is your mailing address/ where should I send my rent?
Please mail your rent to our office at:
Farnsworth-Hill, Inc.
708 Church Street, Suite 211
Evanston, IL 60201

7. Can I bring it in to your office?
Of course! This is probably your best option to ensure our receipt of your check. This is also a good way to get a receipt for your rent, should you require one.

8. How should I schedule service for my apartment?
If you need service for your apartment, please contact your building janitor or our office.

9. What do I do if there's an emergency?
Please call 9-1-1 first, and then your building janitor or our office.

10. Do you offer parking?
We do have parking available for a monthly rate at a number of our locations. Please ask your building manager at Farnsworth-Hill, Inc. about parking options.

11. How do I cancel my parking?
Parking leases can generally be canceled with 30 days notice when a written request is submitted to our office. We cannot hold this spot for you once you have canceled your parking lease (e.g. you leave for the summer).

12. Can I get a copy of my lease?
Should you need a new copy of your lease, please call our office ahead of time before you come pick it up.

Also see Moving In/ Moving Out

1. Who do I call to schedule my move out?
Call your building's janitor to schedule your move out 1-2 weeks before your move out date. If you need their number, please call our office or email farnsworthhill@gmail.com.

2. How do I give you my forwarding address for my security deposit refund?
Please fill out the security deposit refund form, found in the Documents section on our website and email or return it to our office 1-2 weeks prior to your move-out. Failure to provide a forwarding address may result in a delay in the return of your deposit.

3. When do I get my security deposit back?
Your security deposit will be returned to you within 21 days( Evanston Residents) or 45 days (Chicago Residents).

4.Can I use my security deposit for my last month's rent?
No. The security deposit cannot be used as your last month's rent. It is held until the apartment has been inspected after you move out and deductions will be made for any damage.

5. What do I need to do to avoid deductions from my security deposit?
Leaving your apartment the way it was delivered to you and ready for the next tenant will result in the return of your full security deposit. Charges are outlined in your move out letter and can also be seen in the Moving In/ Moving Out section. Please plan accordingly.

6. What happens if I need to break my lease?
Sometimes people need to break their lease for whatever reason. We will need you to submit this request in writing no less that 60 days before you need to vacate. You then have 2 options. You can find a subletter for your apartment, in which case your name would still be on the lease, and you would continue to be liable for the rent if the subletter fails to pay. Your other option is to pay a re-rent fee of ½ month's rent, we'll find a new tenant and you'll be off the lease. With this option, you are still liable for the rent until we find a new tenant.